Subscription Service

Our research has found that the average man does not enjoy going store to store shopping for matching clothing accessories. (Surprise, surprise!). Our subscription service seeks to improve that experience. By simply selecting a bi-monthly (2 months) or quarterly (3  months) interval, gents can have their wardrobe expanded relatively hassle-free.


How it Works

From our Store or the options below, the customer selects the subscription plan of their choice, adds it to their cart and completes the checkout process.

If the customer subscribes before the 10th of the current month then they would begin receiving subscriptions from the current month. Any subscriptions made after the 10th of the current month would receive their first subscription the following month. Subscriptions are delivered immediately after the availability of the current month’s box, typically the 16th of each month. Payment for the first box will be charged upon sign up and the payment for the second or third box will be charged on the 10th of the applicable month.


The Perks

Beyond the discounted price, subscription purchasers will also be given first preference to all new boxes. Additionally, subscription purchasers would receive free delivery for their boxes during the subscription period.